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Why A Private Trading Floor:

I’ve been there, I traded forex and commodities from home for 5 years, and at best it was tough going. So when I took an office I decided to think a little bigger and make space for a select few TradingHUB members to join me, to make the leap from trading part-time at home to trading fulltime amongst friends, to treat trading as a business, to access the next level…
Charles Clifton Forex Trader / Coach / Seminars / Trading Floors

Charles Clifton (Forex Trader) TradingHUB Founder & CEO

Trading Floor Facilities:

Our Bristol Trading Floor is small but perfectly formed, offering professional multi-screen trading terminals, industry standard audio and headline feeds, Bloomberg TV, G8 Currency & indices screens and many more tools besides for the professional trader – And that’s before you immerse yourself into the atmosphere, the working mind-set, the constant conversation and camaraderie of the trading office environment.

Ideal for:

Experienced forex, equities, indices, commodities or options traders who wish to trade their own account amongst friends.

Fair Pricing:

TradingHUB does not seek to profit from our members so we ask just £400pcm, per desk, flat rate, everything included.


Then come and take a look. We regularly open our doors and invite TradingHUB members to come along and see what we do. Here you can discuss your trading amongst friends and see the options available to you.

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More Trading Floors To Come:

TradingHUB now has thousands of members and is active in 7 major UK cities, so it stands to reason that we should have 7 trading floors. We’ve done it once so we know how it’s done and can easily replicate this model up and down the UK wherever there is the interest and the need.

Trading Floor access is only available to TradingHUB members so if you’re interested in stepping up to the next level then join us, drop our office a line to let us know, and as interest amongst our membership grows we’ll look to allocate resources and knowhow to your city. It really is that simple.