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Financial Spread bets and CFD’s are leveraged products and in some cases it is possible for your losses to rapidly exceed your deposit. They carry a high risk and are therefore unsuitable for some. Please seek independent financial advice if you do not understand this.

All information that is provided through this website, by email, telephone or by any other means is for educational purposes only. TradingHUB nor any of our staff are financial or investment advisors and do not recommend any instrument or strategy of any kind. Any instruments, instruments or strategies that are mentioned are cited only for illustrative and educational purposes only.

All traders must understand that there is a high element of randomness to the markets, therefore you will experience both winning and losing trades whilst following a trading strategy. It is essential that the use of a strategy is combined with responsible money management and risk management. Different traders following the same strategy will achieve different levels of performance and there is no guarantee of profitable trading.