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Need a broker ?   Don’t we all !

“Which broker does

A valid question, asked by 80% of our members ! Now before we go any further we at TradingHUB wish to put our cards on the table…
…TradingHUB in all its forms is financed entirely from advertising revenue derived from our partners (whom you may have noticed dotted around the site 🙂 ).
That said, we do not offer an advertising opportunity to just any broker. Please read on…

At TradingHUB we can say, hand on heart, the following:

Conflict Free:

TradingHUB nor any of its staff have any financial ties, Introducing Broker or Affiliate agreements with any broker whatsoever. As such TradingHUB is and will remain broker independent and impartial.

Real People:

We have personally met with all our partner brokers, usually at directorship level, so we can say we know and like who we are doing business with. This is a requirement before any broker can advertise on TradingHUB.

Fully Regulated:

All our partner brokers are FCA regulated, are of sound financial standing, have a physical presence in the UK (although maybe Headquartered elsewhere) and exhibit a genuine interest in fostering long-term relationships with our members.

Fully Committed:

All our partner brokers have committed to attending, hosting and in some cases sponsoring our TradingHUB events so as to meet face-to-face with our members and answer any questions you may have.

So, which broker does TradingHUB recommend ?

In line with our transparency statement above, we cannot make a specific recommendation as to which broker you should appoint as that’s a matter of personal choice and a decision you should only make following substantial investigation.
What we can do (and indeed have been doing for over a year now) is to provide all TradingHUB members with regular opportunities to meet our partner brokers in an informal social setting where you can get to know the people behind the website, what they can offer you, how they work, their core values, and whether you feel they can represent you and safeguard your interests in the market. Please see our Trading Events page for details of your next opportunity to do so.
The brokers listed to the right represent, in no particular order, those who have exceeded our partnering requirements, and we at TradingHUB are immensely grateful to them one-and-all for their continued advertising and support.
Please take a moment to follow their links, review their offerings, tell us what you think and which brokers you would like to meet with, and we will ensure they have a senior member of staff present at your next social event – just for you.
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